Welcome to Coulee Concrete

Based in Portland, Oregon our design and manufacturing studio is committed to designing and crafting high quality cast concrete products. At Coulee Concrete, we believe the choices we make for the spaces we live in are essential to our well being.  A concrete fireplace mantel can radiate as much warmth as the fire it frames with its material and aesthetic presence. Our goal is not only to create beautiful concrete countertops, but to transform living spaces and bring comfort and style to your home or business.

We aim to make our business and manufacturing practices reflect our philosophy of responsibility and sustainability. From countertops to lounge chairs, each concrete piece is cast and finished by hand in our South East Portland facility. Whatever the scale of your project, our dedicated sales and production team will ensure that your order is managed smoothly and efficiently. 

Do you have general questions about what we make and what kind of work we do? Please see our FAQ page.