Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of custom work does Coulee specialize in?

Coulee Concrete has specialized in precast architectural concrete since 2006. Since then we’ve fabricated thousands of custom countertops, integral sinks, and fireplace surrounds. We’ve also completed hundreds of special projects including troweled wall panels, sculptures, and concrete products for the home such as lamp bases, candle holders and lounge chairs. We work with general contractors and the general public to improve both commercial and residential builds.


What is the process for creating a custom piece?

If you contact us about a decorative/architectural piece like a countertop, fireplace, or shower bench, we will schedule a time to come make a physical template of the area in which the piece will be installed. Cabinets must be installed before we can template a counter, and if the job includes an undermount sink it will need to be installed as well. Following the template we will make a custom mold of your piece, cast it, demold it, grind it, process the surface to a perfectly smooth finish, seal it, and install it.

If you contact us about a special project the process will be determined by the scope of work.


Who will install my countertop, fireplace surround, or firebox?

Our talented professional install team will promptly install your piece as soon as it is done being fabricated.


How durable is Coulee concrete? Will my countertop stain, etch or crack?

Our proprietary mix results in a product that is extremely strong and durable and will resist cracking, crazing, and discoloration if properly cared for. We advise that you don’t cut food directly on your concrete countertop, that you wipe up any spills promptly, and that you use trivets for hot pots and pans. If you follow the guidelines we provide you with at the time of installation, your countertop should last a lifetime.


How do I clean and care for my concrete countertop?

We will provide you with a detailed care sheet at the time of installation, as well as a bottle of Clean & Set for you to apply over the 30 days following installation.


What kind of finishes are available?

The vast majority of our clients prefer our matte gloss sealer, but we have many other options available as well. To get a good idea of what different sheens look like please visit our showroom. We also offer numerous different “grinds” (the amount of aggregate that gets exposed while we are wet-processing the surface of your piece) which are best viewed in person.


What kind of edge profile will my finished piece have?

What kind of edge profile would you like? We can fabricate your piece with any traditional edge profile that you can think of, or work with you to create a custom shape.


Other questions?

Please call our showroom, we'd be happy to help answer any other questions you have: (503) 895-2621.