Here at COULEE, we love meeting the challenge that comes with being able to work with some of the best. 


We are never quite sure what will be asked of us by our clients. We do however know that we meet those challenges and revel in the chance to further push the medium. Please come talk to us and see what is possible.


Some projects ask us to replicate a authentic, more traditional, concrete product. That isn't a problem. It takes an in depth knowledge of how the material functions and we sure are not short on that.


This particular project asked us to perfectly fit our product between a custom prefabricated stand. The fit was perfect and the finished product looks exceptionally sharp.


This is the Coulee Lounge Chair. Yes, they are as comfy as they look. These beauties are helping their owners enjoy the sun across the United States


We can customize your product in a variety of ways to fit the needs of you company or project. Check out this custom wall panel embossment.