Have a look at Coulee's diverse collection of integral concrete sinks. We have a variety of mold options to fit your needs. Pictures do our product justice, yet there is nothing quite like seeing one in person. Come to Coulee's showroom in Portland, OR and see a finished product up close.


A Unique Touch

Our Concrete sinks have clean lines and innovative design that are both contemporary and classic. Concrete can be poured, sprayed, or molded like clay which allows us to depart from the typical bowl shapes and drain configurations and fabricate sinks that cannot be made using traditional materials.



A Perfect Fit

A concrete vanity has the ability to fit into almost any space adding a unique experience for yourself and guests. Tailoring them to fit your space in size, color, and style is our passion. We don't just want you to have an exceptional sink, we want it to be yours to the fullest expression.